Napier Emergency Consulting was born out of a passion to help communities and organizations alike build plans and programs that can manage an emergency event; whether it’s severe weather, a pandemic, or a human-caused disaster, having an emergency plan and a program in place will keep people safer and mitigate your damages. There is a growing need for organizations and municipalities to build such programs, conduct hazard vulnerability assessments, have business continuity plans and understand the process needed to manage when a disaster strikes.

Our mission is to ensure that through extensive preparation, training, education and effective planning  you limit damage to people, property and the environment.  Our team of emergency management experts can help you achieve this.

Pictured with Shelley: Frank DeAngelis, former Columbine High School Principal and safety and emergency management consultant.

Why our clients hire us and what we can do for you:

When working with NEC, you will receive professional plan templates, such as a Community Emergency Plan, Business Continuity Plans, Severe Weather Plans, Social Media Plans and Pandemic Plans. Your community or business will be guided along the way to ensure the plans meet your needs and are tailored to your community or business.

We will work through a Hazard Vulnerability Assessment with you, so you understand the weaknesses and issues you must address. NEC will prepare your emergency exercises and written reports following an emergency. The exercises we run for you will be based on the top hazards facing your community or business.

NEC will help develop your volunteer base to assist communities in building Emergency Management teams to work with you when a disaster strikes. We use a community driven approach to finding volunteers which helps market your emergency program and builds teamwork and goodwill for your Leadership.

NEC will provide you with current examples of policies needed such as Pandemic Re-Opening for your Workplace, Community and Recreational Center Guidelines and other specific guidelines that may be needed as you work through an emergency.

Just a few of our satisfied clients:

Shelley has been working as an emergency preparedness consultant for our municipality for the past few years. As the present Municipal Emergency Coordinator, to be able to have her services and guidance has improved my ability and our program immensely. Shelley’s passion for emergency preparedness is evident as she shares her knowledge, experiences and expertise with her clients. Her enthusiasm to prepare a community for any type of disaster that may occur emanates throughout her speaking engagements, as well as her workshop and training sessions. You walk away from any time that is spent with her motivated and encouraged that you are capable of preparing your community for any emergency.
Most importantly, Shelley is always available to her clients at all times.

To find out how Napier Emergency Consulting can help you, please reach out!