Are You Prepared For The Next Major Emergency Event In Your Community?

emergency management consulting winnipeg manitoba
emergency management consulting winnipeg manitoba

Napier Emergency Consulting, a Winnipeg-based emergency management education, training, and planning company was founded in 2017 by Shelley Napier.

It is NEC’s belief that every community in Canada can successfully respond to a disaster through planning, training, and education, combined with an emergency plan that will guide you through the process.

Extreme floods, winter storms, searing heat waves leading to massive forest fires, massive torrential rainstorms and other natural weather extremes seem like they’ve become the new normal in the last few years. They have become more common, according to data collected by reinsurance company Munich. It’s believed in the scientific community that global warming is contributing to this trend.

The only way to prepare your community to deal with these natural occurrences and manmade events like train derailments are through education, training, and planning.

NEC has the experience and knowledge to help you develop plans to give your community the confidence and peace of mind to handle major emergency events. You can read more about the expertise of our consultants by clicking here.

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