Municipal Emergency Management:

napier emergency consulting train derailmentProvincial legislation requires every municipality to have an emergency management program, a Municipal Emergency Coordinator and an emergency plan. So, what does that really mean in your community?

When you partner with Napier Emergency Consulting we will show you the practical solutions to fulfill these obligations. NEC’s team of expert associates will lead you through the process of identifying the real hazards you face and will develop practical plans to deal with your top hazards.

Your political leadership, your staff and your community volunteers will get the training and guidance needed so you can develop the skills, plans, teams and budgets to guide your response in a disaster or major event.   NEC understands that volunteers are vital to communities and we will help you identify and then train the individuals in your community who can help you deal with these incidents.

Next NEC will guide your leadership team and community volunteers through a relevant emergency exercise that is based on an actual hazard that you could face. This will ensure everyone has the skills they need, the plans are valid, the community is better prepared, and your money is well spent.

We will train your council on what their role and responsibility is before, during and after an emergency happens in your community. We offer training courses geared to educating your emergency management teams to prepare, respond and recover from emergencies through theory and practical exercise.  Our expert team will train your communities in Basic Emergency Management, Emergency Operation Center Management, Reception Center Management, Business Continuity Planning and Public Information and Crisis Communication.

We will develop a sustainable program that helps your community become resilient with your own resources, your own staff and your own volunteers.

Emergency Management for Facilities:

napier emergency consulting facility managementLet our team of experienced professionals help build an emergency program for your facility.  Whether you are a school, business, or healthcare institution the need for preparedness becomes greater each year.  Do you have an emergency plan that can handle a flood or a fire on your premises?   Are you prepared to handle a violent incident inside your facility?  NEC works with facilities to build programs to create business resiliency and sustainability.

We will conduct a hazard vulnerability assessment of your facility, which will identify your risk factors that form the basis for your emergency plan.  Let us build a program for your business that will allow you to work through a disaster and get back to business as soon as possible.

We will work with you to develop, train and exercise your management and staff in all aspects of emergency management.